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Operation of Big Fat Seed

Big Fat Seed is an air - gravity grain cleaner that separate grain/seeds/dirt from one another using powerful airflow.

The Grain is filled into the inlet hopper, after which the grain runs into the machine as a thin layer ”like a waterfall”.


The powerful airflow cleans and sorts the grain/seeds after density. The clean grain/seed runs out of the buttom outlets. Light dust and dirt are removed with the air flow out of the machine.



5 outlets on BFS45TWIN

4 outlets on BFS15

Outlet #1.   Stones
Outlet #2.   The heaviest grain / seeds
Outlet #3.   Second heaviest grain / seeds
Outlet #4.   Light grain / seeds
Outlet #5.   Very light and broken grain / seeds

The operation of Big Fat Seed is very simple and easy.

After starting the fan, the speed of the fan is then controlled by the dial located at the front of the control panel.

The seed inlet is then opened with the volume handle, and Big Fat Seed will now begin to clean and separate the grain/seed.
Fine tuning of the quality is a combination of the input volume and air speed from the axial fan.


Extra finetuning of the quality takes place by using the fine-tuning handles over the outlet to make the perfect “cut” in the grain flow

The operation of Big Fat Seed is very simple and easy.

Volume Handel

Control Panel

Axial Fan

Big Fat Seed can sort nearly all types of grains and crops.

It is easy, simple and quick to change the machine

to which grains to clean / sort.


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